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Explore the UC story through data


Undergraduate affordability

Gain knowledge of UC Undergraduate financial support, net cost of attendance, student loan debt, and cumulative debt burden at graduation for UC students.

Sponsors of contracts and grants

Explore the location and category of UC's external sponsors.

UC inventions at a glance

UC technology commercialization benefits the public by transforming UC inventions into innovative products and economic impacts.

Graduate student financial support and debt at graduation

Learn about different types of support graduate students at UC receive as well as their cumulative debt at graduation.

Gap analysis

Analysis of the gaps between the share of: high school graduates vs. freshman UC applicants, admits, and new enrollees and California Community College (CCC) students vs. CCC-to-UC transfer applicants, admits, and new enrollees by racial/ethnic group.

UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) data

The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is a biennial survey conducted at UC’s nine undergraduate campuses.

Research expenditure comparisons

Research expenditures of higher education institutions participating in the Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) survey are compared across institutions, by fund source, NSF disciplines, and subjects. UC’s percent share of expenditures is also shown by sector, fund source, and major federal fund sources.

First-generation college students

Systemwide data on first-generation undergraduates including enrollment, demographics, disaggregated race/ethnicity enrollment data, majors, first-year retention and graduation rates, and financial support information. First-generation college student is defined as a student where neither parent nor guardian have earned a four-year degree.

UC community safety dashboards

The UC Community Safety Plan calls on all UC campuses to collect and publicly share uniform campus safety data to empower the UC community and inform change.

Student credit hours

Student credit hours by class level and class size