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Pell Grants go further at UC

1 in 3
undergrads are Pell Grant recipients
students receive Pell — more than any comparable research university
5 years
the time it takes for Pell recipients to earn a higher median income than their families
Henry Rozo
“As a first-generation student, the Pell Grant has been pivotal in my access to a college education. It has helped ease the burden of my student loans and helped me better provide for my needs while I pursue my degree.”

Henry “Adrian” Rozo
UC Davis, 2025

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Today the Pell Grant covers only a fraction of the cost of college

And it falls far short of what students need to succeed. That's why we're calling on Congress to double the Pell Grant, so it reaches a maximum award of $13,000.

It’s time for federal lawmakers to reinvest in this important program, a move that will:

  • Ease the student loan burden — nearly 7 million students receive Pell Grants nationally each year, but few can rely on it to fully finance their degree.

  • Help students meet their basic needs — too many students struggle to pay for food, housing and health care. More Pell funding can help.

  • Expand financial aid to more students — greater federal support for Pell will enable colleges and universities to stretch their own aid funding to more families.

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Double the Pell Fact Sheet (PDF)

Pell Grants pay off in brighter futures and a stronger California. Learn about UC’s efforts.

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Double the Pell is a partnership between the University of California and the UC Student Association to call on Congress to increase its investment in the federal Pell Grant.