Through collaboration, creativity and perseverance, UC is accelerating its efforts to combat global climate disruption in California and around the world.

Two people walking through large hallway made of solar panels

We’re eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

Several of our campuses expect to be most of the way there by 2030.

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What we're doing

As a research university, we’re focused on helping California build resilient communities, while shrinking our own carbon footprint. 

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Clean energy

All campuses and medical centers will use 100% carbon-free or renewable electricity by 2025.

Building green, every time

All new buildings must achieve a LEED ‘Silver’ rating and cannot use natural gas for heating or cooling.

Getting around

Our campuses are moving towards hybrid, zero-emission modes of transport. And we’re cutting single-occupancy vehicle commutes by 20%.

Never waste a drop

We’re on track to slash potable water use by 36% by 2025.

Good food, healthy planet

UC is leading the way when it comes to ethically sourced and sustainably grown food at student dining halls.

Zero plastics, zero waste

We’re phasing out single-use plastics and have stopped using packaging foam.

Climate Lab

Explore our video series to learn some surprising ways to change how we think and act about climate change.

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Follow UC’s sustainability progress

UC’s sustainability policy covers all 10 campuses and six academic health centers.

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Climate action plan

UC has adopted new, stronger climate goals to directly eliminate 90 percent of University greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

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